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Welcome to the Erin Bonsai Pottery blog.

Dad and I decided to start this blog to show how we make our pots and to post regular updates of new styles, glazes and textures. Feedback and comments can also be left, so we are hoping that this will be be useful to us when planning new additions to our range.

It’s a stunningly gorgeous Vermont day and good sense dictates that it’s time to get out and work on our bonsai and pull some weeds in the garden, but first, take a look at this! | Bonsai Bark…
[…] Harry Harrington’s latest iteration of his English yew. Here’s what Harry said about this tree : “Finally, work on my Taxus baccata/Yew bonsai completed with the branches wired and laid-out. Height 25″/61cm, trunkbase (inc root jin) 12″/30cm. Pot by Victor Harris of Erin Pottery.” […]

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